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Rugócenter Kft.

Rugócenter Kft.

Hungarian-owned family business

Rugócenter Kft.
The company was founded in 1982 by Graj Sándor and Graj Sándorné in Újszilvás. As a division of a cooperative in Jászberény, they manufactured springs for agricultural machinery.
The company became independent in 1997 and took the name of Rugócenter Kft.

The current owners are Graj Sándorné, Graj Andrea and Graj Judit. The family business run as a matriarchal unit, by women, is supported by male colleagues with technical expertise to help the company to succeed in the metalworking industry. The main activity is the manufacture of spring and wire products from circular cross-section wire with a diameter range of 0.25 mm to 16.0 mm. Tension, compression, torsion and agricultural springs are mainly produced in small and large series and also for custom orders.

The customer base is currently still mainly from agricultural machinery, but production also serves the household appliance industry, bicycle manufacturers, lighting and shading technology, and certain areas of the automotive industry, among others. Export market presence has been continuous and growing since 2008.

"The satisfaction of our customers is shown by the fact that many of our new customers choose us on the recommendation of others. Over the last few years, we have established stable and strong business relationships. We believe that success depends on people, so we take great care to promote career growth of our professionals.

As part of our service, our experts are regularly involved in development works; we have already helped product development teams from many customer companies to design and develop new tools and machines. Membership in the Sheffield-based IST – Institute of Spring Technology, which provides professional support to the spring supply chain, has a great role in this.

Being a family business also means that we work together a lot as a team. This is complemented by an approach that considers tasks as a personal matter. Everyone contributes to the work according to their own talents and abilities.

Investments in recent years have increased the area of the production and workshop halls, expanded the range of modern automatic spring manufacturing machines and other equipment (e.g. heat-treatment furnaces, bending tools, grinding machines) and a powder coating plant has been handed over. Currently 18000 m2 total area, 1700 m2 workshop hall, 1300 m2 storage hall and 90 m2 office space are available for production.”
(Graj Sándorné)

Our core values

Our aim is to make all our partners proud to work with us and count on us over the long term

Customer-centered approach

Customer-centered approach

High quality products and services

High quality products and services

Flexible and fast response to emerging needs

Flexible and fast response to emerging needs


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We offer our customers a wide range of tension, compression, torsion and agricultural springs

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